LCA Malaysia




Project Title
Harmonising the LCA Methodology for ASEAN Biofuel – Carbon Footprint

Project Background

  1. The SIRIM LCA Team is responsible to develop the questionnaire for collection of information relevant to the development of the harmonised LCA methodology.
  2. Webinar will be carried out to discuss the questionnaire to ensure the right information collected.
  3. Development of data sheet for the biofuel carbon footprint (biofuel carbon calculator).
  4. Development of Product Category Rule (PCR) for Carbon Footprint - Biofuel 

Sept 2015 – Sept 2016

Funded by
ASEAN COST, ASEAN Science Fund (USD 29,500)

Key Highlights
To harmonize the LCA methodology across ASEAN, starting the measurement of environmental impacts related to climate change in the form of ghg profile and water stress in the form of water consumption for biofuel production and use.


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