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Seminar on Life Cycle Assessment for Product Branding and Compliance

Lot 34, Jalan Hi-Tech Park
09000 Kulim, Kedah
2 February 2009

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8:30 Registration
9:00 Video on Life Cycle Assessment & Ecolabelling
9:30 Emergence of LCA in Trade and Environmental Related Regulations.
Dr. Chen Sau Soon
SIRIM Berhad
10:00 Refreshment
10:15 Future Direction of LCA – What will be the next after acquiring LCA?
Prof. Dr. Atsushi Inaba,
Research Institute of Science for Safety and Sustainability
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
10:45 Introduction to Material Flow Accounting as a New Environmental Management Tool
Prof. Abdul Halim Sulaiman
Institute of Biological Sciences, University Malaya
11:15 EcoLeaf Environmental Label with LCA Methodology – LCA Data Collection at Production and Challenge of EcoLeaf for Meat
Mr. Norihiro Kawasaki
Environmental and Social Responsibility Office
11:45 LCA Study on Uniforms
Mr. Kazuki Miyanohara
Chikuma & Co. Ltd
12:15 Funding for Product Improvement
Mr. Azra’i Shu’ib
Small and Medium Industries Development Corporation (SMIDEC)
12:45 Lunch
14:00 EcoLeaf Environmental Label with LCA Methodology – CO2 Reduction through Utilization of Recycled Materials
Mr. Katsuhiro Matsuoka
Mikuni Plastics Co.
14:30 Malaysia LCI Database (MY-LCID)
Ms. Wan Mazlina Wan Hussin
SIRIM Berhad
15:00 LCIA in Portable Water Production
Mr. Amir Hamzah Sharai
University Malaya
15:20 Development of LCI of Diesel from Crude Oil
Ms. Yati Kamarudzman
15:40 Development of LCI for Corrugated Paper
Ms. Siti Aishah Asmah Yusob
SIRIM Berhad
16:00 Development of LCI for Steel (Hot and Cold Rolled)
Mr. Izham Bakar
SIRIM Berhad
16:20 LCA on Transportation sector: Comparison Impact from Different Vehicle in Kuala Lumpur
Ms. Saidah Md. Said
University Kebangsaan Malaysia
16:40 Q&A
16:50 Refreshment
17:00 End of Seminar

Seminar on Life Cycle Assessment for Product Branding and Compliance


Environmental issues have widened their sphere of influence by being included in the agendas of businesses of both public and private sectors in developed countries. Compliance to regulatory requirements in respect of point discharge or emissions from a production activity is considered a minimal response to environmental concerns. Businesses, whether manufacturing or services, and irrespective of the sub-sector, must realized that environmental aspects have to be integrated into their activities to ensure competitiveness in the local, regional and global market.

Five stages in the product development process beginning from use of raw materials, to manufacture, to distribution, to use and end-of-life are known to generate environmental impacts such as resource (material and energy) depletion, waste generation, global warming, acid rain, and toxic effects.

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a tool to quantitatively assess the environmental impact of a product from cradle to grave. A number of supporting activities are needed at the national level to enable the use of LCA for applications ranging from technology innovations in product design and development to marketing through eco-labeling. Among the activities are the development of life cycle inventory databases, selection of apt LCA software and creating awareness among producers, particularly the SMIs and consumers.

The forum on Life Cycle Assessment & Environmental Product Information is the second collaborative event between SIRIM and JETRO to inform the government and public sectors about the LCA activities in Japan, and the initiatives that are being taken to realise the implementation of similar activities in Malaysia. The application of LCA to generate environmental information is viewed as an inevitable activity for sustainable production and consumption of products in the global and local market.


  • To update participants on the increasing influence of LCA on regulatory policies in the developed countries.
  • To showcase success stories of LCA applications for improved design of products and services from the environmental and resource savings perspective.

Target Audience:

  • Policy makers who are tasked with roles to develop regulations and guidelines that will support local industry’s competitiveness in the global market, or for the protection of the local environment.
  • Industry sectors/players whose market being or will be affected by the recent and emerging trends of regulations and product/service specifications that seek to address issues such as climate change, rapid resource depletion, mounting waste disposal problems and chemical management.

Fees and payment mode:

Workshop fee:

  • RM 50.00/person (Organization)
  • RM 20.00/person (Student)

Payment mode can be either by cash or bank cheque in the name of SIRIM Berhad on the day of the seminar. The reply form must still be sent in advance.


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