LCA Malaysia


Introduction on LCA Malaysia

LCA Malaysia is a web-access platform launched by SIRIM in 2011 for practitioners and would-be practitioners of LCA, users of LCA results and the Malaysian public at large to keep tap with local and global developments in LCA. There is increasing acceptance that LCA can provide scientific analysis to identify improvements along the supply chain of most economic activities from agriculture, to mining, processing, manufacturing, service and even marketing.

Although the use of LCA is adopted in policy-making, business decisions, community improvements and of course in research, technology development and innovation in the developed countries, its use in Malaysia is still limited due to lack of awareness of the potential benefits of LCA among the public and private sectors, as well as consumers.

SIRIM as the host of the LCA Malaysia website will continuously seek to enhance its content and presentations covering basic to advance knowledge of LCA, interesting news on applications and events, to cater to a broad spectrum of regular and ad hoc ‘visitors’.  LCA Malaysia also provides links to many other useful websites e.g. MY-LCID (the Malaysian Life Cycle Inventory Database).

The aspiration of the SIRIM LCA Team to propagate LCA in Malaysia and eventually to provide services at the regional level for economic growth and development that will not compromise the health of the environment is epitomized in the website logo as shown herewith:

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